About Victoria Joy Designs

Welcome travelers, day dreamers, and free spirits.  This is your boarding call!

Whether you're strolling the streets of your favourite city or making an impact in your own back yard, you understand that life isn't about following the pack. Life is for dreaming and making dreams come true - it's about exploration and discovery. For you, life is about making the world a better place and expressing who you are with your unique talents, voice and style. To you, life is an incredible adventure.

I make jewelry for the adventure.

When I was a teenager, I took a flight across Canada and happened to sit next to a woman in her 90s.  She explained that she'd been around the world multiple times and was planning a trip along the Labrador coast that summer.  Through our hours together on that plane, she shared tales of her experiences and words of wisdom.  One thing that stuck with me, above all else, was this:

"Travel," she said.  "Go places.  See things.  Meet people.  Have experiences.  These are the things that will shape who you are."

Her other advice?  Travel light and take versatile clothing and jewelry.  She explained, "Jewelry, unlike most things you own, is something you tend to keep.  Each time you put on a piece of jewelry you're reminded of a place you visited or an experience you had."

Years (and many trips) later, when I started metal smithing, I thought of that long ago conversation and the Passport Jewelry Collection was born. It remains the basis for my work.

I realized that jewelry doesn't have to be boring to be versatile, and so I set out to make a line of flexible, colourful, and high quality handmade jewelry that can go anywhere - and that gets you, the wearer, involved in the creative process.  Each piece of jewelry I make can be worn multiple ways, and many of the styles have components that can be mixed and matched to create something completely new.  My sincere hope is that you will experiment and play with your Passport Jewelry collection and truly make it your own.

Whether you wear your Passport Jewelry around town or on a grand adventure, may the paths you choose be filled with good experiences and many happy memories.

I'm glad we're on this journey together.

-- Vicki Meltzer
Artist and Chief Visionary Officer
Passport Jewelry

 From raw materials to versatile finished product.

The video below provides glimpse into how I make the pieces and how Passport Jewelry designs work.  The earrings shown are the Portsmouth earrings, which I designed specifically for a charity auction to support a local chorus's humanitarian trip to South Africa.  For more information about the group, Voices from the Heart, and their humanitarian trip, please feel free to contact me.