Rome - Red: Reversible Sterling Silver Earrings

Rome - Endless Possibilities Sterling Silver Earrings

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These earrings feature reversible coloured modes. Please select a mode colour for both Side A and Side B below. The Side A Colour dropdown can be used for previewing images at left:

To visit Rome is to visit history.  Let these earrings take you there.  These unique earrings were inspired by the view from inside the Pantheon and by ancient coins.  

These earrings consist of three separate pieces: a copper base, reminiscent of ancient coins; a coloured "mode"; and a silver topper.  Rome is truly a "go anywhere" design.

Change your jewelry to complement your mood or outfit.  Reverse or change out the coloured "modes" to switch up your look, wear the sterling silver alone, or mix and match these earrings with other earring components from your Passport Jewelry collection to create a look that's all your own. The "Rome" style is a great one to mix and match with other designs.

Measurements (including hand-crafted, sterling silver earwire):

1 7/8" (45 mm) H
5/8" (14 mm) W

Please note: Each piece of Victoria Joy Designs jewelry is completely hand-crafted and made to order.  Small variations in colour and shape are to be expected.  Please allow seven to ten business days for your order to be completed and shipped.